Please take a moment to listen to what I have to say. What I have to share with you is the Untold story of the near Future and what role you might have in it, should you choose. Hopefully, this message reaches you in time to make an informed choice.

You have always known you were Different.

You may sometimes have difficulties in relating to your friends, family and conventional ideas about life. There is a reason why you are seeking spiritual knowledge. There is a reason why from time to time, a calling from within gently and quietly makes itself known to you, then disappears for months or years just as quietly as it came. This calling is part of the great purpose you feel from deep within you that you struggle to understand and draw meaning from. You don’t know what it is – you just KNOW it is trying to deliver an important Message to you.

You are very important.

Discovering your purpose is vital to the sustenance of life. Your mission, why you are here and why you feel this Calling while others don’t is beyond anything you can imagine right now. In fact, it is much closer to what you may conclude as impossible. However, please be open minded and careful about what you accept as possible and impossible, since the advanced world we live in today and all its complexities were once considered impossibilities in mankinds past that have become true – become possible.

The World is changing.

I am sure you can see the Shift around you everywhere. We are having an immense cultural crisis, energy crisis, political challenges and huge environmental problems. I am not going to point out any of that for you as you see it in the news everyday. But, it’s not a coincidence that it is all happening at one time.

You cannot dismiss that the Mayan Calendar and other prophesies all pointing out that 2012 is an extremely critical time in mankinds history. End of the world some people are saying.

The Question is. Where is all this going? Is the World coming to an End?

Yes, the World as we know it is ending. The world in our current limited understanding of it is ending. The New World that emerges from the old will unquestionably be the most fascinating, unimaginable reality that ever existed in human history – bar none.

I believe in destruction to a certain degree. You need to remove something old in order to build something new. And, turmoil and some discomfort is expected for growth to happen.

However, I DO NOT believe that humankind is the virus on the planet. I DO NOT believe Humans are destroying the world we live in. On the contrary, I believe humans ARE the SOLUTION to ALL our problems. I believe Humans ARE the planet.
I believe the Future is going to show you a world beyond what you could ever perceive. I am talking about technologies that will allow us to unite the world, pollinate other planets, shelter and abundance of food for everybody, health breakthroughs that can reverse aging and allow us to be free of diseases.  Enough supply of energy so you do not have to work and can devote your time, mind and energy pursuing your true passions.

In order for this to happen we need a special type of leadership. I am not talking about your typical strong leaders in society,  corporate CEO’s or strong public figures. The type of leadership I am talking about can only be accomplished by a very few, rare individuals. Only 1 in every 100,000 people have this dormant ability. And, most of them never awaken that power within them.

During the Vietnam War, an American platoon was hunkered down in some rice paddies, in the heat of a firefight with the Vietcong. Suddenly a line of six monks started walking along the elevated berms that separated paddy from paddy. Perfectly calm and poised, the monks walked directly toward the line of fire. “They didn’t look right, they didn’t look left. They walked straight through,” recalls David Busch, one of the American soldiers. “It was really strange, because nobody shot at ‘em. And, after they walked over the berm, suddenly all the fight was out of me. It just didn’t feel like I wanted to do this anymore, at least not that day. It must have been that way for everybody, because everybody quit. We just stopped fighting.” The power of the monks’ quiet courageous calm to pacify soldiers in the heat of battle illustrates a “Silent Weapon”. A weapon so subtle but yet strong enough to change the course for all living life on the planet.

Only a few Beings in this world are able to do this.  These rare individuals are what I call “Navigators”. They are able to affect the direction of the world greatly.

These Rare individuals that I am talking about always knew they were different, and have always known that they had some special purpose. Many of them awaken in life and find what they’ve been looking for while others get lost searching through religions, philosophies and other knowledge.

One thing is certain though – they always felt they had a higher purpose, a mission!

It is pointless to ask if you are one of them. You already know! And if you are unsure, then let me tell you that if you found this message or this message found you, then I am certain that you are one of these rare individuals.

So what it comes down to is, what really decides what the future holds for us, is an invisible form of leadership that directs the consciousness of the planet. A few strong individuals that can control and amplify their emotions.

I have set out to help these individual to fulfill their purpose. Many of them have followed my teachings, others have studied various different paths.

Regardless of what you have done before, there are things that will greatly amplify the effect you will have on the planet to help move the world closer to this New World that is just barely in our grasp.

If what I said spoke to you, I strongly urge you to listen to what I have to say. I have made a discovery that will rapidly progress you towards realizing your purpose.

If you are interested in hearing more I need to make sure you are who I think you are.

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Thank you for your time.