Last Call! The Cube Class That Eric Is Staking His Whole Reputation On, Goes LIVE Tomorrow!

Make your Cube Humm like never before!

2014 Advanced Cube Training 3.0


New Short Clip Recorded Wednesday March 5th 2014

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will be teaching:

Next Thursday March 6th Higher Balance Will be hosting a Live Siddhis Cube training session where you will be shown a never-before-revealed breakthrough technique. Eric is going to be sharing the ignition switch to accessing the cubes at full throttle. You will be given the ability to ignite your cube and bring it to life. You might have thought you already had but as Eric points out, we have not even begun to tap those wells to the depths that they reach.

Eric has shared a wealth of cube techniques so far. From manifestation to assimilation techniques and manacita. But what is the real ‘on switch’ to the cube?  You have probably had intense moments with your cubes. Better meditations, enhanced manifestations. Those moments where it lights up in your hands like a hot coal. You can all feel its power. You can feel the frequency it emanates like a sun… yet your intuition tells you there is more to be uncovered, what is missing? Is something missing or is it just a matter of honing your skills?

What if there was a way to expedite years of practice and dial into the heart of the cube within an instant? There is…


“I am going to show you how to use the cube correctly to manifest, pretty much anything you want..”

Eric once said that it would probably take years before anyone would really be able to experience the potency and true power of their cube. Rome was not built in a day, neither are Enlightened Masters..  Now he is going to simplify and accelerate the process. After this, your ability to use the Siddhis Cube will undergo a quickening, transforming into the powerful tool it was meant to be.

“Once you learn this method, all you have to do is set it up. If done correctly It will run without any effort.”

Eric will be giving out specific recipes to use. From igniting super human abilities within yourself to manifesting the means of money or health. This is the alpha and omega of ‘aha’ moments. And there is no substitute for LIVE.



The Cubes are the Closest thing to Real Mystical Magic. I am going to show you how to use it… – Eric Pepin

Eric is so sure this class will equip you with the means to be an advanced cube bearer he promises a full money back refund within 24 hours if you are not 100% satisfied in every way.  Use these skills for selfless virtues and know the universe contains within its intelligence an awareness of problems. Don’t be a problem be a warrior for the greater good.

Check out this second audio we got recorded of Eric, exclusively here! Click Play Below…

What to Expect

  • A never before taught technique for utilizing the cube to manifest practically anything you want.
  • Spiritual knowledge for the checks and balances of the universe, know when it’s changing the game on you and your cube work so that you can adapt to the shift every single time. This will also help you build up immunities to the doe.
  • The biggest aha moments for the cube that Eric has delivered to date. This class will be the making of true cube bearers and people of great influence going to into the future.
  • The step by step process for understanding when the cube is active, and when it needs to be re-ignited.
  • Eric himself cannot think of a way that he could possibly top this training he is about to deliver. Don’t miss this.
  • Learn the critical steps to make it work, understanding of when it’s working and when its not working and how to know the difference.

Catch the Live broadcast and you will get access to the pre-edited replay.  There is nothing more magical than live, before the Gaia mind itself knows what hit it. Be the first to download this knowledge into your consciousness. Be part of the pioneering brigade of modern mystics. Sign up below..


Cost:  $299.00 or 3 payments of $99.7



  • Thursday March 6th
  • 5:30 PM Pacific Standard
  • Replay available to registered members directly after live broadcast. Must be Enrolled to Access Replay
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