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  • This 2 hour course expands on the knowledge presented in Discussions on Manifestation Download. You get the all important details for manifesting what your heart desires.
  • Eric Pepin reveals step-by-step how to ask the Universe for what you want in a way that the Universe can understand.
  • Plus, learn the secret for maintaining your creation.
  • Eric provides a practical road map for you to follow to achieve amazing results every time. It’s a perfect compliment to the knowledge gleaned from Discussions on Manifestation Download.

You will need a “zip” program installed.

Mac Users: The Unarchiver and Stuffit expander are free mac programs.


PC users: 7-Zip is a widely used free program.Other popular versions of this software type are WinRar and WinZip. These will allow you to uncompress the data once you download your class.



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Discussion with Eric: Manifestation

Discussion with Eric: Manifestation Transcript