Eric paves the way into even more uncharted territory. Beyond Astral Projection, Beyond Remote Viewing and Beyond Visualization.  Enter the First Hyper Dimension.

For Far too many, spirituality is based in fantasy and imagination.. With very little room left over for real actual experience. This Course does not aim to encourage the culture of more fantasy, but answer the yearning for truth that so many seekers intuitively sense and crave to discover.

The First Hyper Dimension is a place of existence, a first level in the realms of multi-dimensional consciousness. It is a place that skilled Beings of many different origins will pass through. An arena known for great beauty and exploration, as well as the potential grounds where intense psychic battle has taken place.

“What I would like to point out is that there’s good and bad in the world. There are people who would do bad to you, there are people who would do good to you. Dimensionally there are positive Beings, there are Beings that would want to suppress you and there are Beings that would want to lift you, okay. And my goal at this point, is to train my white cells, my students to be as capable as possible.


”Eric ””

Do you ever wonder why White Cells are so attracted to movies like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, anything Sci Fi or  Final Fantasy? Is it just the nerd in us? or is it the Navigator in us prodding our ancient memory to come to life. The inner knowing that we have lived very intense existences. That we have existed in the times of the Samurai as well as the Pharoah. But that we have also lived in advanced civilizations so foreign to human thinking we can only look at the stars and wonder. In any time and place there exist common themes, there exists the potential to enter realms of the mind… there exists hyper dimension. It is an aspect of physics. Though few walk the earth that know of such things, they exist. These Beings are Anomolies to the Matrix.

This thought provoking module interlinks past techniques bringing them all full circle while exposing limitations imposed upon your psychology since birth. Take a profound journey to a precise understanding of hyper-consciousness by experiencing this module which has earned its place in history as part of Higher Balance Institute’s Black Box series.

Take the skills that you have learned from ‘Feels Like’ and ‘High Guard’ modules to a completely new dimension. Learn psychic maneuvers that allow you to create a bridge between time and space and explore a landscape so grandiose you can’t possibly imagine it.

Whether or not you own any previous Modules is perfectly okay, you will still gain tremendous footing through the lessons taught in Eyes Wide Shut, and unlimited free phone support to go along with it.

Afraid that you don’t have what it takes to get there? No need to worry, just follow the walkthrough as Eric guides you, to develop the skill and transcend to a stage beyond the boundaries of imagination.

Previously, Eric alluded to a new level of mastery that would increase your effectiveness with the techniques in ‘High Guard’ ten fold. Now is the time to challenge yourself to push the envelope once again. Bring forth the master you are and prepare yourself. Empower yourself with this super charged knowledge and become a serious force to be reckoned with.



  • In-depth training on the ‘Feels-like’ and assimilation techniques
  • Advanced High Guard, or energy defense, training… And amplify your current practices ten fold
  • Universal laws that spiritual people must follow… And how these laws protect you and the Universe
  • Back door access to the programs that run the world
  • To create a bridge between time and space and explore landscapes you never dreamed existed
  • How every spiritual skill you have ever learned plays a part in your spirituality and reach a new level of enlightenment
  • Guided walk-through of the Eyes Wide Shut technique, so that you can move your consciousness and achieve hyper-dimensional travel
  • And Much, Much More

We’re humble, we’re gracious and we’re kind, but don’t cross us…. That is the stance that I take as a teacher. And that’s what I want to put into my students. The interesting thing is I’ve often said is that most of the stuff that I teach, my students already know, they’re ancient beings already, they’ve lived past lives. Almost everything I say, it’s almost as if they knew it and I’m surfacing their memory… there’s a truth to that, and that’s what my focus is on.

”Eric ””

If you are not completely satsified with the value of this course, call us or e-mail and we will give you a full money back refund and you can keep Eyes Wide Shut for Free.