Attention White Cells: This one’s for the most serious and dedicated.

Refine Your Knowledge of WHO and What you are with this riveting history lesson. This is your heritage, and it spans all cultures around the world, and beyond.


What is reincarnation? Is it anything like we imagine it to be? Are there really rare Beings who exist to help the planet evolve and to fend off negative forces? Or is this all just a fairy tale from the ages?

If it is a fable then let me ask you this, why are so many examples of these stories repeated in so many cultures with such striking similarity? From ancient greek myth to modern movies like star wars. In cultures separated by vast oceans at times well before the internet, well before bumping into each other, why and how have they shared such similar folklore?

What if the truth was stranger than all the fictions, and was seeded within all mythologies?

As a Nautilus shell hints at the source code in a galaxy. Clues imbedded in all civilizations, that could only be uncovered by Navigators…

When we talk about purpose, We are not just talking about spiritual beings who bring love and light to the world by their presence. There is a rare breed of individuals who serve a more direct approach.


In this rare candid conversation Eric makes a bold attempt to speak indiscriminately to his students about the origin of white cells on the planet. For some, what he has to say will be a tough pill to swallow, for others it will be exactly what they have been waiting to hear.

The descriptiveness of the answers Eric gave and the depth he went into are freaking amazing! Its those little details he gets in there that really leave me taken aback. Eric is the Man. I am eternally greatful, these are the answers I have been searching for my whole life.

”Byron, ””

While engaging yourself in the study of this knowledge, you have likely already come to your own conclusions about the idea of creating a soul and what a white cell is. But have you ever wondered how this really works in field, beyond all the concepts and analogies that have been explained, how can we drill this down even further to increase our complexity of greater understanding. “White Cell Evolution” is the answer. 


Eric has talked about the role and purpose of life, its evolutionary process and the ways of the force at great length, but rarely to this extent. After listening to this Module the realization becomes blaringly loud that The red cell/white cell analogy is not just some wishy washy concept. The handbook of the Navigator was not just an idea or philosophy. This is reality. The nuts and bolts of the grand illusion.

The question has likely crossed your mind at some point. Is all this just the perception of one man? Or is it the explanation of someone that is more than just human? There comes a time and place where Eric has had to risk all to just spell it out. This is one such occasion. 


The force needs conduits that it can operate through. It needs eyes that it can see through. It needs to zoom into this world through the lense of a human vessel. This is the transformation of Super White Cells.


Last night after I listened to white cell evolution I went to sleep and I had the most insane dream ever!  Eric was with me teaching me and we were meditating in this grassy knoll. Then my ears started ringing really loud and suddenly I was starting to levitate! The weird thing is I really felt like I understood how it actually works.  I can’t help but feel like I’m on the verge of another major break through. yay!

”Angelia, ””

What is shared in this audio, some would say you’re not suppose to know and shouldn’t be privy to hearing. We think otherwise. The part of the planets consciousness that gives us push back (the doe) has you confused for a red cell. But I don’t think the chances are very good you would find yourself reading this if that were the case. You are a chameleon. As a necessity to move into this world you held the breath of your higher consciousness. And it has been steering you towards these reflections and these answers all along, it was just a matter of time.



To help you self realize, we have got to share what we know with the part of you that also knows. You’re ancient memory has to be stirred so that your true awareness can awaken. Even a sliver of recall can create a chain reaction of awakening. That is Eric’s mission. That is the purpose of these recordings.

    • Exact details as to where humans first began and when and how they started evolving souls
    • 2.5 hours worth of riveting explinations regarding the evolution of the planet and human consciousness
    • Fascinating arguments as to the origins of mankind including “outside” interventions.
    • Priceless and Timeless knowledge decades ahead of its time. This is an enactment of pioneering spiritualism and its role in humanities future.
    • An indepth break down of all the influences that are pushing the planet forward, as well as the players that are holding us all back.
    • Eric explains what he calls the “driving force” of evolution. All navigators MUST grasp this concept.
    • Eric’s arguement on giving advanced knowledge without the old school way of rules and secret societies
    • Eric explains the process of how he downloads knowledge and what its like in detail.

    At some point we all have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves a question. Am I ready to step off the sidelines and walk a path of enlightenment? 

    Am I ready to make the decision, that this is what I want. That this is what I AM? Am I ready to accept this as a way of life? Can I embrace the fact that I won’t be able to dilly dally my way into Higher consciousness. It won’t just happen on its own, if 2012 taught us anything it’s that there is no grand date waiting to swoop us off our feet and into our holy ascension, There is a shift occuring and I am in no means dismissing 2012. 

    But we must grasp this shift from a realistic stand point. We must work for this if we want it just as all things in life must be earned. 

    What are your priorities? Are you content to kind of know? Or will you stop at nothing less than to achieve knowing. To awaken from this dream. Many feel the calling, few act on it, and even fewer see it through to finish. 

    If you live your life around your spirituality, not your spirituality around your life then success is imminent. If there is any one class that sparks inspiration to attain greatness in these ends it is “White Cell Evolution”

    White Cell Evolution



    If for any reason. you don’t feel the value of this material is worth double its cost, call us and we will give you a 100% refund and you can keep the Discourse.