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What is the Siddhis Cube?

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Siddhis CubeA rare, mystical device, created with the wisdom of the ancient-world, fashioned by a master craftsman…

and merged with modern technology in a patent-pending process –

That develops self-mastery, personal accomplishment, and leads you to a state of heightened spiritual perfection.

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Siddhi is a Sanskrit noun that means, “perfection”, “accomplishment” or “attainment”.

Siddhi also refers to the acquisition of supernatural or psychic powers through birth, samadhi or self-discipline.

What is a Siddhis Cube? It depends who you ask…

  • A Powerful Tool that Enhances and Assists in Boosting your Meditations to Attain Greater Levels of Deep, Inner Peace, Powerful Experiences and a Lasting State of Clarity
  • Quickly Stamps out Mental Chatter by Silencing the Babbler, Locking its Attention to a Physical Object
  • Activates the ‘Magnetic Sense’, Quickly Developing Increased Sixth Sense Abilities and Intuition
  • Amplifies your Personal Energy Field and Increasing your Aura to a ‘Magnetic Attraction-like’ Level
  • Enhances your Sensory, Plugging you into Heightened Levels of Awareness
  • Teaches you the Elusive and Advanced Skill of Navigation – Folding Dimensions. Anytime you Move between Realities, a Pretty Deep-end Spiritual Practice, you are Flipping Through Different Dimensional Panes. Navigation Takes Control of that Process.

The Siddhis Cube can be all of those things, because it leads you through all the phases of spiritual development.

In the beginning, its primary focus is to enhance meditation, using a patent-pending process. Aside from your normal meditation, there is a unique Siddhis Cube meditation.

(When you receive your Siddhis Cube, you will also receive access to over 6 hours of specialized training videos taking you through the first few levels of using the Cube.)

The Siddhis Cube meditation uses the mechanics of the Cube to train your sixth sense. You begin to slowly turn the Cube in your hand. At random times, once the Cube is turned, it will echo a chime.

The goal is to predict which way you turn it will trigger the chime, and turn it in such a way that it remains silent. In time you will find a sudden impulse to not turn the Cube a certain direction, until gradually you increase the amount of time you can turn it in complete silence.

It is a very simple process but produces incredible results. You will find this ‘heightened intuition’ increases your sixth sense across all aspects of your life and spiritual pursuits. The same impulse that allows you to predict a chime before it happens, will allow you to tap other possibilities.

As you hold and meditate with the Cube, will you notice immediately how different it feels. This is for two reasons…



One, the Siddhis Cube has powerful, medical-grade magnets in each of its eight corners.

Intuition, heightened sensory or the sixth sense are all words that tie into the magnetic sensory that all humans possess.

The reason people marvel at people with increased sixth sense, or ‘psychic’, abilities is because they are rare, but also very misunderstood. All true ‘magic’, is really a mystery science hasn’t solved yet. It has exceeded the grasp of our current technological understanding.

It does NOT mean that the acquisition of psychic or spiritual powers, where the Siddhis Cube gets its name, is not possible. Only that we do not understand the process yet.

The Siddhis Cube uses the magnetic field from its powerful magnets, to plug itself into your bio-magnetic field.

The more you use the Cube, it teaches you to not just see it with your eyes, or touch it with your hands, but you develop the skill of ‘sensing’ it connected with your own magnetic field.

This quickly amplifies your magnetic sense to tap into the true powers of psychic sensory.

The second reason the Siddhis Cube has a strong presence is the energy it is imbued with…

  • When every Siddhis Cube is created Eric Pepin meditates with them and programs them with the strongest energy imprint possible for spiritual acceleration, growth and awakening.
  • As you meditate and work with your Siddhis Cube, you embed your own energy into it. Over time this energy increases to a powerful level.
  • Because the Siddhis Cube is made out of bronze, it holds energy imprints better and for longer periods of time. Anyone who has practiced psychometry, or pulling information out of objects, knows that metallic objects hold energy the best.
  • Even better, the magnetic field generated by the Siddhis Cube acts to keep its energy contained. Other energy fields will impact it less, and its own frequency will hold longer.
  • This means even as you go in spiritual highs and lows, brought about by the ebb and flow of life, your Siddhis Cube will stay at the peak of your spiritual frequency. It will remain, always emitting the frequency of the highest level you achieved, filling your house and space, programming it with that energy.
  • When you pick it up to work with it, the Siddhis Cube acts as a ‘bookmark’. You tune into that frequency, shifting your mind to that high energy level, lifting you up in low times… and effortlessly accelerating your growth in the good times.
  • You also tune into the highest frequency put in the Cube by Eric Pepin.

This is why many consider the Siddhis Cube as a spiritual artifact. Growing in energy and power the more it is used. A device you could imagine being used by ancient mystics.


The Siddhis Cube was made by Eric Pepin, specifically to train how to enter advanced spiritual levels and abilities but can be used at any level. As you progress, you understand more of the secrets of the Siddhis Cube.

It was created by Eric working closely with an award-winning tool designer and specially crafted by a master jeweler.

While there are many different kinds of Siddhis Cubes, the main difference is the amount of time and energy Eric Pepin spends working with them. For the highest tier Siddhis Cube, Eric spends one month meditating and working with them.

Before your Siddhis Cube is made…

you will send in a picture of yourself, which will be placed in a small secure container that is water and shock proof. Is in insulated in foam that resists electrical and EMF fields.

After your Siddhis Cube has been crafted, and Eric Pepin has personally spent time programming the energy of your Cube for you, using your picture, it will be placed in this secure container until it is delivered to you. This container comes with the Siddhis Cube, to use for storage or if you ever decide to travel with your Cube.


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