A forgotten secret recorded on an old cassette tape 17 years ago…
mysteriously surfaces revealing a simple yogic method that…


Reality is conscious, reactive and aware… but is it aware of you?

Discover the strange method of magnetic prana attraction that makes the entire Universe reactive to who you are and what you want.


I believe you and I share a common desire – a wish to embark on a voyage of not only self-discovery (to truly know WHO and WHAT we are…) but to unlock the potential we know is hidden within us.

We thirst to understand the mysteries of life. Yet, you know… as do I… there is a difference between knowing and being.

If you desire knowledge as a tool, because you wish to use it… There is a story I’d like to share about a strange mystic formula recorded on an old cassette tape… lost for 17 years… that is about to be yours…

It is a simple tale. Seventeen years ago, in the attic of a modest house in Costa Mesa, California, Eric Pepin was at a spiritual crossroads.

He had many students. People he taught in his spare time, as much as he could when he was off work. As you can imagine, the constant personal demands of twenty people all around you, plus what life asks of you can be very draining.

Every one of us, even the very spiritual, can reach a point where we need a sanctuary. We yearn to be in that deep place, cradled far away in the depths of the Universe.

We need to be revitalized.

Recharged with power and energy no meditation, food or force on Earth can give us.

Renewed as if our old body washes away, another new one, takes its place.

Eric sat in this half-lit attic with an old recorder near him as he entered an ancient, mystical state he rarely goes to… because when he does… he does not want to come back.

There, he guided an unseen student (as nobody was present) in a simple, step-by-step formula on how to reach the mystical root of the Universe…

and drink from the tree of life.

The whole method is less than 15 minutes. The change in you… forever.

When he was finished, he shared this method with the students near him at the time. All around, a great transformation took place. 

Then, as quietly as it was created… the tape was lost. Forgotten in time.



That is… until now.

The unseen student he was speaking to? I believe it is you and I.

He was recording it for a future time. For the ones he knew could use its full potential, but he had no way to reach.

The reason I believe this tape was forgotten… is that the method is too powerful.

It was waiting for the right time. If you ask me, looking around the world, it makes perfect sense. I say the time is now.




The Universe, reality, is conscious. It is aware. The problem is… it is not personally aware of us as individuals.

It is aware of us like we are aware of our heart, or kidney. We know it’s there. If we focus on it we recognize it, but otherwise we let it run however it needs to.

Well, guess what… those old mystical masters (even the not-so-old ones), the ones who have changed reality… part of their secret on how they were able to do it…

… is because the Universe RECOGNIZED THEM.

They were able to use that personal relationship to ‘ask’ the Universe to do incredible things… like manifest changes in its program! No person can do that… but the consciousness behind reality? No problem!

The Universe is immeasurably vast! Infinite by our comprehension. Can you imagine the power of having the entire Universe put all of its focus and attention DIRECTLY… on YOU??



Here is how it works…

The Universe only sees in energy. It sees prana.

We live in a physical reality. It lives in an ethereal one.

Imagine living deep in the ocean, where everything is dark and gray. There is very little light… SUDDENLY, while living in this deep ocean, one fish begins to ILLUMINATE with brilliant neon colors! Is that going to get your attention? You bet it is!

If you want the Universe to recognize you…

then you have to increase your level of prana.

How much prana you have, is the measure of your power, and how present you are to this universal consciousness. Now the method on this old tape…

is DESIGNED to GIVE you nearly unlimited amounts of prana.

It is only a question of… how brightly can you illuminate?



HOW the process works…

It is like a ritual. Amazingly easy and simple to follow… but structured.

It is called “The Water of Life”. You will sit down, and using a glass of water along with specific hand mudras, specific breathing rhythms and mind techniques to silence the Babbler and create non-thought…

Fuse prana to magnetically start pouring into you as if it was compelled to be drawn into you…

Right away you will feel an energizing HUM… as if someone just plugged you into a battery recharger…

The water is used as a means to physically merge a very high vibration energy into your physical body… that is why Water of Life also makes you feel so revitalized.

Some people use it like a spiritual caffeine rush, an energy drink that boosts them up the entire day…

Now, the reason this is a guided ritual is to make it as simple to follow as possible. In fact, it practically does it FOR YOU.

It is also leading you through a precise formula, that creates this intense state of mind…

… that calls out to prana forcing it to begin flooding into you.

Once you learn the formula… you can do it without the ritual, but it’s so easy with it most prefer to have it guide them.



One word of warning… this can be pretty intense.

Only the hardcore should use this several times a week. Most will only do it once or twice a week. That’s right… once or twice per week for 15 minutes… is all you need.

It is THAT powerful.

Some people cry after doing it, from the profound release they experience, or the overwhelming feeling of bliss. It is perfectly natural. Go with it.

You cannot increase your own energy, your level of prana, so quickly without needing to shed the weight of the world…

Who you are, quickly becomes something greater, some new…

Earlier I asked you to make a choice. Every action, each choice, dictates a response.

When you do the Water of Life, you are vastly increasing your prana. That choice, that action, dictates a response from the Universe. It begins to notice you…

That alone will send waves of transformation through your life…

Reality becomes more reactive to your will, your thoughts. Be on the lookout for these changes and do not approach this un-aware of how powerful the Universe truly is…

Once it recognizes you, as a person, as a friend… it will get on your side.

Don’t mis-use it’s trust. Use it to propel you ever further, ever towards the highest life you can imagine… with the highest ideals in mind.

What I would do…

Is pretty simple. Click below to immediately download Water of Life. As soon as you download…

Find a quiet place to use it. Feel the response right away, and keep using it for two weeks…

Then you can decide if it’s right for you. If it’s not, no biggie, email us and say so… your money is refunded immediately. By my calculation… that means the only risk is in NOT trying it

Now is the time for you to make a choice. Are you ready?

If you aren’t I understand. This is not for everyone.

It is a simple choice really…

but one I leave you the power to make.

100% Karma-Bound, No-Risk Guarantee

If you are not walking around, with the most deeply satisfied, content, biggest-smile-of-your-life feeling after 90 days of working with this audio guide, we will give you a FULL refund.

“Life is too short, and the mysteries too deep, to settle for anything else.”

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