Finally Revealed: The Lost Secrets of Reincarnation
These are the Inner-Circle Teachings of the Enlightened Masters…


Reincarnation is a popular word in most spiritual circles and you’re probably already very familiar with the mainstream concept.

But what if I told you that concept was all wrong?

What if I told you that reincarnation works much differently than popular spiritual culture could ever imagine?

Well, you’re the type of person who always digs a little deeper in order to uncover the pearls of wisdom that lie just beneath the obvious surface.

Just consider the mainstream understanding of reincarnation.

Each one of us is made of energy – we are spirits, or souls, in a physical body.  That makes sense, don’t you agree?

Reincarnation – according to New Agers and other popular organized spirituality – is the process through which the soul moves from one body to another.

This is where it stops making sense because it contradicts the important concept of “All Is One.”

How can these spiritualists view each soul as an individual yet still claim “All Is One?”

White Dragon is a 5-DVD set.

In 2010, Higher Balance Institute organize a unique, hands-on event for the most advanced students.  Seating was very limited in order to keep the group small.

The price of admission was at least $1299 and some seats were much more.  Due to the limited space, some seats were auctioned and admission went to the highest bidder.

Naturally, only the most dedicated students attended which meant that Eric Pepin (bestselling author of The Handbook of the Navigator) was finally able to reveal – for the first time – powerful new techniques that have never been shared before!

You’ll discover some of the most private teachings of reincarnation that have only been shared among select, inner-circle students.

White Dragon goes where no mainstream teaching has dared to venture…prepare to push the boundaries of spirituality!


This Symbol is the Key to Fulfilling your Purpose as a Spiritual Warrior…

Do you remember your fascination with the spiral pattern?

Since your childhood you instinctually knew there was some type of mystical quality to this simple pattern – a power that could somehow be harnessed.

Many spiritual people are drawn to this pattern and the reason is very rarely pondered.  Most people just dismiss this as a fad – a quirky childhood fascination.

But the spiral has great significance and the reason for your attraction is even more significant.

I’ll let you in on a secret: the spiral pattern is like the heartbeat of the Universe.  Contemplate this for a while because this one simple thought stretches far beyond the limited understandings of mainstream spirituality.

The reason for your fascination is because this pattern is part of who you really are – a fragment of the Universe!

You’ll never get an insight like that from any New Age program because most of them don’t know about it.

You are a Dimensional Being and the Spiral Pattern is a part of who you really are.

In White Dragon Eric finally reveals the secrets of the spiral and how-to harness it’s power to literally churn energy.

We are nearing a milestone – the global consciousness shift – and it’s our duty to step into our role as “white dragons” and spiritual warriors and ensure the progression of Humanity.

You hold the key to a future worth celebrating and the White Dragon module will give you all the skills you need to fulfill your purpose and unlock the door for all of humanity!

This is What you’ll Get:

Disc 1

  • How-To Become Impenetrable to the Darkside
  • The Reason Why Possessions are not Possible
  • The One Key Emotional Element that is always used to Distract the Most Trained Spiritual Warriors from their Battles (and the Surefire way to Move Beyond that Distraction)

Disc 2

  • How-To Exponentially Amplify the amount of Prana gathered During Meditation with this Simple Technique
  • The Single Most Effective Technique used by Spiritual Masters to Harness the Power of the Spiral (This is Previously Unrevealed Information)
  • Why this is the most Essential Key to Invoking Reactions from the Universe
  • How-To Build an Energy Vortex using  this Strange Technique
  • How the Universe – God – Shifts it’s Concentration and Awareness to Different Galaxies, Solar Systems, and Planets in order to Shed it’s Light on the Darkness (and How-To be a `Lantern` on the Forefront of Change)

Disc 3

  • The Best (and Easiest) Method to Find the Direction of the Global Collective Consciousness (You’ll Finally See the Proof that Meditation does Alter the Collective!)
  • Why these Collective Trends have the Power to Amp-Up your Spiritual Development just by Acknowledging it
  • Why Technology is such a Crucial Driving Force Behind the Collective Consciousness

Disc 4

  • The only way to Move your Mind Beyond Gaia and Ordinary Human Perspective
  • This Strange Connection between Imagination and Past Memory is the Key to Perceiving Past Lives on Alien Worlds (this is the Reason Why all Documented Past-Life recall is Confined to this Planet and Dimension)
  • Why just One Original Idea has the Potential to Trigger an Avalanche of Genuine Past-Life Memories

Disc 5

  • The  Reason Why “There’s no such Thing as Reincarnation” (These are the Details and Insights that even the Yogis Never Got!)
  • This Simple Technique is the Quickest way to Unify and Heal each Cell of Your Body
  •  How-To properly use Mantras to Alter your Consciousness…this is the Single Most Important Secret that Mainstream Spirituality still Doesn’t Know!
  • How-To Teach your Consciousness to Remember it’s Profound Connection to the Universe and All the Life Within
  • How God literally Created it’s own Imagination
  • How-To use the Collective Consciousness to Trigger Genuine Past-Life Memories
  • The Proven Method for tapping into the Akashic Records in order to Experience someone else’s Life…what starts of as Imagination Quickly Transforms into Real Memories!

If that’s not enough for you, check out the clip below:


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