Welcome to the Cortex Infusion Upgrade 3.0 (CIU), the next evolution of Upgrades and Dreamscapes. Three upgrades, each over two hours long, each with a unique purpose of preparation for Encounter X. I’m going to push you further and harder than ever before because you need to be ready for Encounter X. 

A warning, before you accept the upgrade: Remember that you cannot unknow what you will soon understand and recall…



The Cortex Infusion Upgrades (CIU) push the limits beyond anything done before. They are similar to dreamscapes but they go far beyond them: 

  • Dreamscapes were always limited based on the access to premium material. There are no limitations now.
  • Each CIU is over two hours. Dreamscapes only average about one hour. 
  • Dreamscapes have suffered audio issues relating to competition between voice and instrumental sounds. In CIUs, the audio direction is distinctive and clear. 
  • CIUs utilize superior audio technology, sound matrixing, trance-induction technology, and more to achieve an extreme immersion level and experience. Audio quality is studio quality, which is superior to previous dreamscapes. 

I am working on several other projects that may or may not meet standards for implementation into the CIU complete package–consider them bonuses. We are experimenting with a combination of CIU and pulsating lights; if you have any concerns regarding seizures, please inform us in advance.

Cortex Infusion Upgrades are performed exclusively in-person at the Higher Balance Retreat Center. Once a deposit is made, a staff member will reach out to you regarding travel arrangements and further retreat details.

Disclaimer: In light of concerns regarding the potency of the CIUs and the ability for people to process them, we reserve the right to cancel any and all session with full refunds at our discretion. Upgrades are serious and should not be considered lightly – they should be considered “above top secret.”