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If You’ve Ever Wanted To Know How God Thinks, Or How To Tap Into The Shared Mind Of The Universe 

If You’re Looking To Complete Your Purpose And Become The Super Being That You Were Born To Be But Don’t Know Where To Begin…

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A dreamscape is a therapeutic tool for revealing and handling issues troubling your mind. It also provides a means to explore higher states of consciousness. It will guide you into vivid dream-like realities, opening doors that are normally only available to you in a dream state during sleep. Dreamscape will enable you to build a sense of self-worth and confidence at a core level.

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Sleeper Awakens

Learn about how the illusions of who you think you are are actually holding you back from your greatest spiritual potential. You will learn to notice dissect unattached from and re-engineer your automated personalities. This process will leave you more empowered with the self-confidence to face any challenge that may arise in your life or in your spiritual journey.

Valued At $129.00

Higher Truth

This course is for those who are passionate about the pursuit of spiritual truth above all else. This is perhaps the single attribute that all enlightened beings in history have all had. This course takes the pursuit of truth to a new level for the modern seeker and leaves you with the knowledge necessary for attaining authentic attainment of the greatest reaches of enlightenment.

Valued At $129.00

Energy Defense

This course will offer you the means to not only defend your energy, but is also a tool that you can use to clean or sterilize your own energy field. This action plan will offer you techniques that can be used to defend yourself against energy attacks and to cleanse your energy field and redirect your focus back to your development.

Valued At $59.00

Spiritual Flow

As modern spiritualists, we are always looking for that state of flow where we feel that strong connection to the Universe and we operate from a higher state of mind. Instead of waiting for this moments to find you, learn to initiate them. In this action plan, you will discover the techniques and methods to attain a state of spiritual flow.

Valued At $59.00

Energy Movements

This course teaches you the movements and techniques that are the yoga for your energy body. When you do your energy movements, you are building your consciousness, spirituality, dimensional sensory, and psychic sensory. They are all interconnected. For you to do one, you need the other. It all starts off with having a basic understanding of energy.

Valued At $59.00

Journey Inward

The journey into the inner universe of consciousness is perhaps the most important element of spiritual development. In this Action Plan, you will gain the necessary reflections as well as the most effective meditative system for accessing the inner doorways of your mind and unlocking the extraordinary in your spiritual life.

Valued At $129.00


 Willpower is one of the single most important ingredients to success in your life and spiritual development. Willpower is tough to build, but we have been able to refine the most important ingredients of willpower into a simple system. Learn to tap your deepest reservoirs of motivation and empower your strength of will.

Valued At $59.00


 As mystics and sages have said for centuries, “Reality is an illusion.” Today, we would say that reality is a matrix or simulation. If this is true, then what is the illusion made of? What is the source code and how can you change it? Move beyond the basic law of attraction and learn the method to directly influence and create your reality.

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Gain an in-depth understanding of how to direct and manipulate energy. You will learn how to program energy to move and heal the internal universe. Communicate with the cells of the body and discover unique methods of healing while protecting your own energy field.

Valued At $129.00

Mind Projection

 In this action plan, we’ll dispel the myths and misconceptions that commonly plague those struggling with astral projection and discover a new way to explore reality. Learn to take a part of your energy, your frequency to create a probe that moves like a satellite to gather information. 

Valued At $129.00

Scanning / Assimilation

Scanning is essentially what it sounds like: the extended perceptual ability that a practitioner may use to garner unique sensory-perceptual data from the environment in their direct vicinity. In a way, you can approach the skill of scanning in terms of stretching out your energy and feeling the symphony of vibratory data that is encoded within the environment.

Valued At $59.00

Sixth Sense

We believe that understanding and developing authentic sixth sense ability is the missing link to spiritual growth. Developing this skill not only allows you to experience life in a wonderfully rich new way, it also lays the groundwork for powerful inner exploration by turning the sixth sense inward. At the same time, we shy away from the modern conceptions of the sixth sense that lean toward fantasy and imagination as a basis for sensory development. 

Valued At $59.00


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