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“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens”

Carl Jung

Vivid, Crystal Clear Visions. Remember Who You Are…

Dreamscapes are a well-tested method for relaxing the physical body and entering an altered state of consciousness. As your mind enters a state of deep relaxation, Eric Pepin’s voice leads you on a mystical journey assisted by powerful music, key words to get past psychological issues weighing on the mind, and other proprietary secrets that make for a visceral sense of expanded awareness. Dreamscapes also use specialized embedded binaural technology.

Common reported experiences include: Spontaneous out of body experiences, intense lucid dreams, remote viewing, visions and extended periods of inner peace and bliss. Other psychological benefits include emotional release from deep seeded issues that may be weighing on the subconscious mind and more.


Invoke Your Higher Consciousness

If you have ever felt a connection towards magical forests beaming with streams of golden light or the mystical presence of both ancient and future civilizations, then Dreamscape is for you. It is a therapeutic tool for revealing and handling issues that are troubling your mind, but that is only the beginning. Our Advanced Dreamscapes Future Memory and The Leap also provides a means to explore altered or higher states of consciousness, specifically targeting the organic sixth sense. Click play below to hear Eric, Founder of Higher Balance Institute and creator of Dreamscape, explain in further detail.

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Normal Price: $289.00

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WARNING: Dreamscape Sessions can be unusually intense; they will shift your consciousness and alter your awareness. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive while listening to a Dreamscape.

What Can You Expect To Get Out Of These Advanced Dreamscape Sessions?


Like every tool created by Higher Balance Institute, the prime objective of Dreamscape is to expand your consciousness, open you up to a new palette of possibilities, and assist in the development of the organic sixth sense. These powerful guided sessions, used in conjunction with our multi-dimensional meditation method as taught in the book “Meditation Within Eternity,” will lead to profound realizations and help you realize that your current human existence is only a temporal representation of the totality of who and what you are. As your experiences compound, you will begin to realize that rather than a singular being existing only in the here and now, you actually exist in many places at once, all holographic lives which only represent a fraction of the whole and complete you. The real dream is, in fact, happening right here and now as you read these words. To awaken in one life is to awaken in all lives.


  • Clear Out Subconscious Worries
  • Establish Fortitude, Inner Strength, and Will
  • See Otherworldy Visions As Clear As Day
  • Develop Fluidity Within Your Consciousness
  • Uncover Forgotten Memories
  • Train Your Mind To Become Flexible and Develop The Ability Of Mind Projection
  • Override Core Beliefs Based On Self-Doubt
  • Invoke The Presence of The Universe To Move Into You And Awaken 
  • Remember Who And What You Really Are…




With the dreamscape series, I have not only had mind blowing visions, I have also had 3 out-of-body experiences in the past 30 days. I don’t mean the kind of experiences people say they have during a dream.  I was wide awake, in my body, and then, like a balloon, I began to expand and move upwards.

Lynn Caise

This was so trippy, during Dreamscape Future memory, there was a period where I was on another world full of these really strange life forms. How do I describe it? It was like walking bow shaped forms, I felt like I was a stick figure but not just me, everyone was, insect-like? But not in the way you would think. God this sounds so weird, I realize that! But it was very surreal. It was one of the most vivid experiences I have ever had. This was not a dream, this was like real life!

Angel Sander

Dreamscapes have really helped me get past barriers to my success both in my spiritual work and career. My favorite would have to be a toss up between Dreamscape Future Memory and Dreamscape The Leap. Future Memory is just so intense, it is a journey through the universe and it really brings out the middle pillar. The Leap, on the other hand, instilled in me a sense of confidence and perseverance.

Byron Brenes

All Dreamscapes come with a 60-day, money-back guarantee

Are You Ready To Awaken From The Dream?

Normal Price: $289.00

Todays Price: $159 or 2x $79.50

Complete Set: 45% Off