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And Why Is This Information Still Not Being Addressed In Any Book On The Subject?
You’re About To Learn What The “Experts” Themselves Still Have Not Figured Out About The Law Of Attraction

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We All Know About the Law of Attraction

We’ve all heard the buzz words, bumper stickers that say “thoughts become things” or “where attention goes, energy flows.” Most manifestation programs such as The Secret preach a simple formula: “Ask, Believe, Receive.” The Law of Attraction tells you that if you think positive thoughts and focus on what you want, it will come to you.

If it were really that simple, why aren’t we all rich and prosperous, living in mansions and driving Maserati’s?

Now it’s not that these methods are completely ineffective… The simple act of believing more positive things and thinking about what you want in life will make a positive change in your life… It’s also been proven that optimism strengthens our immune system, whereas pessimism can weaken it.

But That Is Not Manifestation…

At least not in the way we mean it… Real manifestation is a way to directly create and alter the reality around you to bring the exact things you want in life. So why does the law of attraction work for some people? And not so much for others?

The law of attraction and other manifestation courses are missing some of the key ingredients to making manifestation possible… They don’t teach you how to amplify your wattage through the absorption of prana. And they completely ignore the Forces working against you. Turning a blind eye to the error correcting code at play, either pretending they don’t see the elephant in the room, or they really are just that oblivious.

Either way, failing to acknowledge the push back is accomplishing nothing other than leaving you in the dark, and if you experience it, well they’ll tell you it was all your fault. You must have wanted chaos to break out in your life. Going so far as to say that you wanted to fail…

Truth is, it’s not always so simple.

In Direct Manifestation, these are the kind of secrets you will uncover. You’re also going to learn an incredibly easy step-by-step technique you only need to apply for a few minutes twice a week. Apply this formula and you will have success.


Whether it be for love, money, a new job, true friends, self-improvement, personality traits, spiritual abilities and experiences, Eric lays out the recipe to get it.

Not in a fast food kind of way, we’re talking a 5-star chef, Wolfgang Puck level of precision and mastery. You are going to learn the true Art of Manifestation.


The sad fact… if we’re honest with ourselves, is that many people look at manifestation as if the Universe were their personal ATM machine. Not to their fault – They have been taught in a manner that inevitably devolves into gaming the system, only thinking to use it for self gain.

Understanding… Even caring to understand what is at play, why it works the way that it does is barely a second thought.

With the Direct Manifestation method, you are actually communing with the Universe. You are strengthening your relationship with the One.

There is both a love and a level of respect that you approach it on. In the end, the greatest manifestation of all is self-liberation, aka spiritual awakening.

But The Universe doesn’t understand words. What it does understand is frequency and emotion. That is something you cannot fake… You cannot lie to the Universe, it’s impossible.

You can on the other hand, miscommunicate, you can put out a manifestation that is corrupted with a trojan of thoughts and feelings associated with everything you DON’T want. If that’s an issue for you, don’t worry help is here.

Direct Manifestation is not just for the physical things in life. While it will bring you money and physical comforts, it is also a key to spiritual advancement, new experiences, and your enlightenment cycle…

Do you see where this is all going? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander as they say.

But you have to know how to listen to it, how to feel the Forces energy when it moves upon you so that when the times comes… When it needs something of you, your inner knowing can guide you to act.

One can manifest profound positive changes in the world, what better place to start than in your own personal world?

If you use it, it can be a powerful tool to accelerate your development and bring about experiences that are so profound, they can bring you to your knees. < Good thing.

The world is changing, and there is a need to help spiritually inclined individuals such as yourself stabilize your everyday life so that you can focus on a deeper resolution. Something you innately feel you were born to do.

Spiritually advanced outliers play a critical role in the evolution of the Gaia consciousness. But first, you need to empower yourself so that you can stack the odds in your favor, untether yourself from the things that are anchoring your consciousness and truly break free from the machine.

Ahh yes, there is a bigger picture at play here. You already know this. The question always seems to come back to… How?  Direct Manifestation is a major piece to the how.

When you become skilled at manifesting situations in your life, don’t be surprised when the sudden realization dawns on you that without intending, you had been training in a skill that could be used in much bigger ways down the line… 

Eric’s direct and multi-layered teaching really helped me understand to a much deeeeeper level the mindset for a real manifestation to work successfully. I highly recommend this module to anyone seeking the higher level in the art of real manifestation, with the right heart.”

Hjalti Kristinsson, Iceland

“I wanted to learn herbalism in an apprentice fashion and not only did I find a great Chinese herbalist mentor but I am also doing paid freelance work for him! I truly feel that the Higher Balance Direct Manifestation Technique helped me achieve this among other things.”

Mark Koutsouradis

Direct manifestation has taught me how to place my requests in what seems like the front of the line, genuine communication with the Force, and a clearer idea of how the Universe truly works with and through us. Direct manifestation – when practiced, I learned to be careful what you ask for because you will get it.

Briana Macida

I was worried about providing for my family after retiring from the military. Direct manifestation helped me get a secure job, good income and a nice house.

Pat Derosier

Ask most people about manifestation and what pops in their head? The lottery. Dig a little deeper into why people want money and you will find it isn’t always money they’re after. It is what they can do with money.

Money, in that case, is a tool to get what you REALLY want. Not an end. What if there was another way, that didn’t have to involve money? What if there was another form of currency in the universe that you could use in exchange for what you truly desire…

Maybe in your situation it is money, maybe it’s not. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you learn to work with the Universe, then step back, trust and allow it to do it’s thing without imposing further conditions.


For the most part, this art has been lost in the translation of sacred scripts, and the forgotten methods have been replaced with watered-down courses that occupies mainstream spirituality.

Direct Manifestation is a Groundbreaking Exploration into the Ancient Teachings of this Lost Art. With this program, we are bringing back to life, the true power of understanding the dynamics of the Universe


A Step-by Step, Guided Walk-through of this profound Technique, so you can
Feel Confident Knowing that your Manifestations will bring the Best Possible Results


How-To Permanently Eliminate the most Common Obstacles to Manifestation Success in order to Ensure Great Results Every Time.


How-To Distill your Requests down to something the Universe can Easily Understand which Enables you to Properly ask for what you Desire, Further Increasing your Chances of Getting it.


What true manifestation is and how it compares to remote influencing and programming the Matrix


How-To Project your Manifestation Directly and Eliminate the Risk of Interference by the Gaia Mind. (The Collective Consciousness Of the Planet)


Specific examples for manifesting things such as money, love, and friendship


Why Group Manifestations seldom work… And how you can overcome those challenges


How-To Hasten your Results by adding this one Specific Feeling…Which Means you’ll Experience Better-than-Average Results in a Fraction of the Time


How to Manifest things that are completely new… Including new spiritual experiences


Essentially, you are learning how to Rewrite Reality and Override the collective


The Complete Audio Training

Written Transcript of the Audio

Step-by-step PDF Guide

Money Back Guarantee, WE’RE COMPLETELY CONFIDENT YOU’LL FIND THIS PROGRAM’S WORTH In A Lifetime Of Wisdom, Improved Success With Manifestation And Unlimited Replay Value