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2021 Limited Edition With new Hyper-Core Engine

Manifestation Cube

Ver 2.0

2021 Limited Edition With New Hyper-Core Engine



Ver 2.0

The Supreme Tool To Reshape Your Outer World

The Supreme Tool To Reshape Your Outer World

The Manifestation Cube is akin to a mandala in a 3-dimensional form. It is a teaching device that conveys with the subconscious mind as well as the inner Navigator. 

The engraved symbols are called yantras or mandalas. Each unique side represents a program within the Gaia mind. These designs have been utilized by cultures and civilizations around the world for centuries and as a result, they’ve become ingrained in the collective psyche of humankind. Some have been used to invoke luck and prosperity, while others have been used to promote a belief in strong vitality, health and healing. Others still have even more sophisticated origins. You can look at them as computer code in the grid of a simulated reality. Seen in visions by great monks, enlightened sages and yogis while going deep into their mind during long stints of meditation. 

Your conscious and subconscious exposure to this ancient code is believed to be the strike of the match that sets those programs into motion for your outer experience to adhere to and echo back in your reality. I.E. Manifestation

Metaphorically, this is considered a bridge that connects the spiritual world to the material and fuses them together. Too often do highly spiritual people live a life of lack in the so called material world. One does not always translate or align with the other, but it can, and when it does, what was previously believed impossible, no longer seems to be the case. Some have likened this to having the cheat codes to reality. We don’t tend to see it quite in that light. As knowledge of this reality continues to grow and mature with an understanding of how consciousness effects everything, what you have in the Manifestation Cube is a new emergence of novelty for spiritual beings to evolve with.  They are made to reverse engineer the fundamental building blocks that reality runs on, not to break the rules but to change how those rules are set up for your unique frequency. We’re quite confident that the end results of this has been achieved, especially with this very special, and very limited version. (Production being capped at no more than 20 of the new cores.)

Presentation without intro:

The Manifestation Cube is considered a fine art piece. The value of it is intrinsic to its unique qualities and characteristics, patented design, and distinguished look and feel.

Not only is it a marvel in engineering and craftsmanship, but every single detail from the 6 unique engravings of the outer shell, down to the inner contours of the core and even the properties of the materials and metals used to create it were chosen to convey very specific, and astonishingly sophisticated intent.

Watch the class that started the wave, in this riveting discussion, Eric explains each side of the Manifestation Cube, how it works and why the Manifestation Cube is so effective in rewriting reality. Please note that this was recorded at an earlier time, prior to the new upgraded version of the Manifestation Cubes. 

Remove Obstacles

Spiritual Freedom

Career & Business Success

All 6 Sides of the Manifestation Cube
and what they represent as seen below

Multi: Chaos solver
Deals with many challenges

Professional Success
Career, Networking & Work opportunities

Works on health, medical and psychological problems

Power of 4
Works on 4 major issues simultaneously

Knowledge & Learning
For education and developing abilities, expertise and insights

Manifestation Re-Imagined

Manifestation Re-Imagined

Back By Popular Demand, But This Time With A Kick!

Manifestation Cube Specs: 


  • New Cores Include Over 70 Hours Of Intensified Imbuement
  • New Precision Manufacture Process Makes For Flawlessly Textured Design

  • Added Personalization (Valued at over $1000) Is Included At No Extra Cost

  • Limited Edition: No More than 20 of remaining Core engines will be designated to Manifestation Cubes


The Inner Core of these limited edition Cubes really do have an immensely strong kick to them and we mean that in the best way possible. Each Core contained within these fine art pieces has spent an abundant amount of time with Eric in deep meditative states, at regularly occurring intervals for well over a year. The amount of time and focused intention he has given to these cores is estimated to be at least 70+ hours at the minimum and it’s likely to be even higher than that. Ontop of that, all orders come with an additional personalization session with Eric to bind your frequency to that of your Cube, and yes just like the new Siddhis Cubes, he will be taking special requests. There is no additional charge for this, everything is included in one lump sum. 

Limited Edition

Production Limit Capped At A Maximum Of 20


Because there is a limited amount of new Cores that Eric had worked with to such extreme fervor and devotion for again, well over a years time, (at current, less than 100 remaining) we’ve designated a capped amount of no more than 20 of the remaining cores to be made into Manifestation Cubes. 

Zero Interest Payment Plans

$7000   $6000

You may choose any of the sign up options below. We will follow up with an e-mail to finalize your order. This includes a waiver of agreement for your order. After signing the waiver you agree to the terms that payments made towards the Cube are non refundable, due to the nature of the product, which is custom made for each individual. You’ll then be asked to send 3 new or recent photographs for your imbuement via e-mail. Once The Cube is finished, we will contact you to notify you of shipping.


As a courtesy, we will ship your Cube to you for free and eat the shipping and handling costs ourselves.  


We also offer generous, zero interest payment plans. Cube production can take up to 90 days, but if you pay in full, your order will be pushed to the front of the line and given priority production and delivery. Those who pay in full will also get the Quartz crystal sand addition, a $500 value customization for free. Our high grade quartz sand will be poured into the Cube around the edges of the Core prior to sealing. It acts as a conductor of sorts which creates a sensation of smoothness when meditating or working with the Cube. 

We Now Accept Crypto As Payment!