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Women and Enlightenment

Truth has the power to shake the ground from which we stand. Truth is what unravels the ties that have held us in place.

These truths are the basis for total and complete liberation of not only yourself, but through you, a transformation that will change the world…


It is empowerment, true free will, and an intimate connection with the Universe… It is what you have spent a Lifetime searching for.

And yet, as a Woman, this state remains ever elusive, slipping through your hands each time you catch a glimpse of it. We are held back by society, social expectations, biology, and other challenges that we are not even fully aware of…

But all of that is about to Change!

During this groundbreaking workshop, no subject was taboo…

Watch Clips From The Class Below


The Disenfranchised Warriors

The Nocebo Effect

Invoking Your Presence


Are You Aware of These Spiritual Barriers in Your Life?

It is time for you to claim your power…

But until you recognize the challenges in your way, you will always hit a ceiling and find yourself on a path that can take you no further.

It is time to learn the methods to break past those obstacles and tap into your strengths.


Everything that you do spiritually right now in this moment will determine whether or not you become enlightened. –Eric Pepin

Women and Enlightenment

In this 7-hour streaming video training, you will discover:


The unique challenges women face on the path to enlightenment

The #1 thing that you Must do to become Enlightened in this Lifetime

The Secret Knowledge and Power behind an Ancient Meditation Technique… And why practicing it is critical to your development

Plus, practical exercises you can start using today that will put you on the fast track to enlightenment